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I have "Monday morning oh crap I forgot to schedule a Monday blog post" writers block. So because I feel like it's way too soon to do another "currently" post, we're going to do 5 Pins, 4 instagrams, 3 tweets, + 2 jams, + 1 ridiculous Valentine to make ya giggle. GO. 
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OKAY BUT THE ACOUSTIC VERSION OF LATCH. I cannot get enough. I first heard it at the gym when we were doing wooosaah stretches to cool down. I. LOVE. it.
I also cannot get enough of Lennon + Maisy. I mean, they're the cutest thing I've ever seen really. 
THERE we go. Happy Monday y'all. Tonight I'm starting a mission to go to the barre 30 days in a row. We'll see if I have legs after it's all said + done. What are y'all up to this week?

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