15 In 2015 -- An Update

Geeze. Since we're already in February, I guess it's time to do an update on this 15 in 2015 list isn't it? Better late than never right? Let's see how I've done.

  1. Monetize the blog: sponsorship options coming in March! GET. PUMPED.
  2. Leave the country again: I'm seriously considering another EF trip. I can't decide. Maybe just a quick long weekend to the Virgin Islands or Mexico something.
  3. Pay off credit cards: guys I was stressing out because I paid all of my bills + had a lot of money still in my checking account. Also, worth noting, I have my credit utilization down under 60%. boom.
  4. Declutter: I cleaned my room, bathroom, and closet a two weeks ago. TA-DA. Now the goal is to keep it clean + move on to the stuff in storage.
  5. One race per month: okay. I didn't find anything for January. But I'm still totally capable of hitting 12 in the year, I'll just double up. Probably in the warmer months. 
  6. Read 100 books. According to GoodReads, I'm a little behind. 
  7. Try a new restaurant every month: Dad + I went to this cute little place in Acworth in an old mill. It was too cool, had only been open for like 4 days. I was a little disappointed with the food timing, but I'm totally chalking it up to the place being new. 
  8. Visit 5 new breweries: I haven't gone to any yet. WHO WANTS TO GOOO? 
  9. Take a picture per day:  some of my days are really monotonous. But I'm doing pretty well!
  10. Thank you notes: I just bought new stationary! GET. READY. 
  11. Improve my handwriting: it's getting pretty good. I'm writing more!
  12. Weekly dinners: I've managed to cook a home cooked meal once a week, not always on Sundays though. 
  13. DIY Project each month: HOW great was that pinterest fail Tuesday
  14. Make it to the beach: I HAVE TWO BEACH TRIPS PLANNED. HOW. BOUT. IT.
  15. Workout plan: as we've discussed at length -- I'm addicted to the barre..
Well there you have it. An entirely too soon check in, because it's only February. But also, it's FEBRUARY. I gotta get crackin' on that whole out of the country thing so I can make it happen, captain. How are you doing on your goals so far? 

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