Fall Bucketlist Status Update!

It's been three weeks since I set my Fall Bucket List, so surely it's time to check-in right? Right. Let's see how I've done so far! 
Our Nashville Life
corn maze // not yet, fingers crossed on this weekend though!
bonfire + s'mores // I mean, is it even possible to have a bonfire without s'mores? [turns out, yes, because if it's too stinkin' hot to be near the bonfire, you won't want s'mores. fact.]
hike kennesaw mountain // planned! keep an eye out on Instagram for pictures!
pumpkin beer // this will probably be accomplished more than once, let's be real..
spiked apple cider // because apple cider needs a little Captain in it. I also found this recipe for caramel apple cider SANGRIA. sign. me. up.
oktoberfest in helen, ga // check out the recap here! 
pumpkin patch // I need pumpkins for pumpkin crafts!!
hay rides // honestly this, the pumpkin patch, and corn maze will probably be one trip!
georgia/georgia tech game // planning this now!
camping // this is still a hard sell, I wonder if I could camp on my own + eliminate the search for a place to stay for GA/FL?
apple picking // the Ellijay Apple Festival is this weekend, anyone want to go?!

I'm thinking maybe I should add on a few more things to this list, what do you think it's missing?


  1. Actually, apple cider + vanilla vodka + FIREBALL

  2. oh now that sounds delicious + dangerous..

  3. Can't wait to see all the pictures from your hike!

  4. if we can just get the weather to cooperate!

  5. I just gave you a spiked apple cider on twitter from Anne @ love the here and now! :)
    I can't wait to see pics from the hike! So fun! :) I wanted to go to the apple festival, but Josh has to work Saturday and he probably won't want to go Sunday. party pooper. also: here! http://www.corndawgs.com/

  6. I did SO poorly on my summer bucket list that I've been making a conscious effort to accomplish at least one thing per weekend..

  7. This is great! We have a trip to the corn maze planned in a couple of weeks and I am probably a little bit too excited about it! :)

  8. booooo party poopers! the weather this weekend is supposed to be incredible + everything!

  9. no such thing as too excited!! I'm excited for you!

  10. I'm not the party pooper! I want to get out and do stuff! The kids and I will probably go to Lawrenceville to the new park. :)

  11. A hay ride would be so fun! Also, I love the idea of caramel apple cider!!


  12. um what is that sangria cider?! that sounds like heaven. totally pinning that!