Very Superstitious

"I'm not superstitious, just a little stitious..." That's really not a good way to describe me, but it's so fun to say! Anyways, let's find out just what I'm superstitious about!
Helene in Between Blogtober

watching or not watching a game on TV // so this goes season to season, this year, for example, I couldn't watch the Braves on TV. I swear they lost every game where I watched them on TV. I don't want that responsibility on my shoulders! 

lucky dress // good thing it's a cute one. I didn't wear it once and the team lost, so obviously I have to keep wearing it until it doesn't work. Also, not sorry for posting this collage again...
yellow lights // I do that whole kiss the roof of the car thing, every time I go under a yellow light. I couldn't even tell you why, I'm just really sure that if I don't I will die. Obviously. 

train tracks // under the same premise, when I go over train tracks I lift my feet up + put a finger on a screw. It's getting progressively harder as cars get fancier + don't have exposed screws anymore. I couldn't even tell you where I picked this one up at though. 

don't talk about it // I will absolutely not talk about a no hitter, if my team is winning the game, if my kicker is on a streak, etc. I don't want to be the jinx. AFTER it's over, I'm totally gonna talk about it. But I will absolutely not say anything until it's over. I also don't believe my team will win until there are zero seconds left on the clock. 

being picked to win certain games // it's rarely a good sign when we're favored over USC or Florida. Some years it's legit, but I feel like in the SEC it's any given Saturday. 

my cocktail of choice // if I'm drinking something different than my normal tequila sunrise or mimosas, we don't seem to win. it seems like the key is orange juice. I don't wanna chance it though, so I'll just have a lot of vitamin C in my system...

where I sit // I have spots in the house I have to watch the game. Usually it's not even sitting, more standing + possibly pacing. It's really cute, you should really be watching sporting events with me. 

things I'm not superstitious about, but most people are//
friday the 13th // for some reason it's actually a good day for me usually...
black cats/ladders/broken mirrors// I'm sure I'm jinxing myself about these things, but I haven't had that much of an experience with them one way or the other! I'm not much of a cat person though... 

Obviously, this list changes regularly, usually getting longer rather than shorter.... How about you, what are you a little stitious about? Also, got this jam for y'all..


  1. Love that song! You sound like me watching games! I'm pacing all over the place, putting my hands over my eyes (for a while there I was convinced if I didn't watch a pass they would catch it), jumping up and down and yelling at the TV. Sadly none of that seems to be helping my team much this year...

  2. oh that's the WORST feeling too! very few people will watch games with me, sometimes they make me sit alone at a different table [sometimes I make myself sit alone at a different table...] but none of my superstitions are working for the poor Falcons this year...

  3. I've never heard of kissing the roof at yellow lights! interesting!

  4. We're very familiar with not talking about no-hitters in our house! We refer to them as "hmm-hmm" for no-no. This summer I walked in the room and asked my husband what he was watching and his response was "Shh. This pitcher has a no-no, OH NO!!!" And he promptly changed the channel... I'm not familiar with the yellow light or train tracks, but they're both intriguing!

  5. I agree with talking about it. You can never talk about it.

  6. I am SO glad you got that. I almost put a gif of it in here too! haha

  7. I genuinely couldn't tell you when, why, or where I picked that one up, I've been doing it for as long as I can remember!

  8. I'm a firm believer in the SportsCenter jinx too. My broadcaster friends have told me it's ridiculous, but I ask why they even want to push it. I'll allow "perfect through 6" or whatever at the END of the inning. or "he's made x amount of consecutive field goals" AFTER he makes the next one.

  9. Mine doesn't relate to sports, but I don't talk about things either. Like I had never, ever had a broken cell phone screen and never talked about it. I mentioned it to my friend and a week later I had my first broken screen.

  10. oh I've definitely done that before, or announced "I've had this phone for a whole year without breaking it!" + immediately dropping it...

  11. I remember doing the touching the screw, but only for a short while, had forgotten about it until I read your post!