Weekly Wishes :: Eleven + A Giveaway!!

These wishes go to eleven! I'm linking up with TNC, because I like to get shit done.. Let's start with how I did last week and then move on to this week!
last week's wishes ::
work on my editorial calendar // check it y'all. I even planned a post to talk about my editorial calendar, so how 'bout them apples?

organize my closet // okay well just no. I'm the worst. 

knock three things off my fall bucket list // hey -- two is close to three right? I'll post about the adventure that is Oktoberfest in Helen later this week too. Pumpkin beers were probably cheating though. I mean I'd drink pumpkin beer if it wasn't on my bucket list too..

this week's wishes :: 
have a no spend week // aside from the obvious expenses [gas + probably groceries]. I need to be saving for Europe anyways..

knock off at least two things from my fall bucket list // you know, kick butt, take names, do better than I did on my summer one. it's so bad I'm not even going to link back to it..

finish decorating my bathroom // I'm almost done and it will also make a great blog post. I'm apparently at a point in my life where I think through by saying "oh I should take pictures of this so I can blog about it

So that's what I have on the schedule for this week. Hopefully it will keep me from stressing about the UGA vs. Mizzou game this weekend, that's for like all the marbles right now. What are you working on this week? 

OH but before you go how about entering to win fun stuff from Sephora! Happy Monday!! 


  1. No spend weeks are surprisingly easy for me. They happen when I don't even think about it and just happen to have a netflix binge.

  2. Mmmm pumpkin beer and Oktoberfest? Sounds amazing. Can't wait to hear about it.

  3. that sounds like the perfect way to spend this week!

  4. I love house decorating stuff. I can't wait to see the bathroom. I'm like you though. I'll take pictures of everything thinking "I'll talk about that later". Even if it doesn't end up on IG.

  5. the other night I was outside my apartment messing around with my camera + this guy goes "are you a photographer?" I go "nope, I'm a blogger!" then I went into detail about how better quality pictures make my blog better + I think he got more than he bargained for by trying to talk to me...

  6. I am in the same mindset as your first goal, gotta save up for big things this holiday season. Good luck with your goals.

  7. Ugh, I have soo many things to cross off of my own to-do list. Lazy life. ;)
    Re-decorating is one of these things, but I'm actually looking forward to that one.

    Much love. xx

  8. stopping over from WW. :) helen as in helen ga? i've always wanted to do oktoberfest in helen while we lived in atlanta... but we didn't get a chance to before we moved. i willl definitely have to make it top priority if/when we move back. :) pumpkin beers are my fave too. i really liked terrapin's pumpkin beer.

  9. thanks! you too! saving has always been a struggle for me, something about "I can save money when I'm older.." but it's recently come to my attention that I'll probably need to eat while traveling..

  10. I love a good redecorating project! good luck with your to-do list too!

  11. yes Helen GA! it was a blast, we took a bus + dressed up + the whole shebang!