They Don't Know That We Know That They Know..

I confess, I wanted to participate in this new linkup I just discovered, Write or Die, but I couldn't come up with a saying I disagreed with, but I'll be there next week guys! So, here's this week's round of confessions! 
Vodka and Soda
Saturday, when I was walking home from the bars, a man leaned half his body out the window + shouted "hey girl, if you lost 25 lbs, I'd be all over you!" and I died. All the giggles, then I tweeted about it, because I should be able to walk home + not be catcalled, and I received about four harassing tweets almost immediately. Obviously I was asking for it [by wearing jeans + a sweater, of course], he was trying to help me look hotter [guys. I don't mean to humble brag of whatever, but if I lost 25 pounds, I'd probably blow away]. All the laughs y'all. All of them. who has the time for that?
Somehow I broke my macbook charger. So I ordered one off of Amazon, because nbd it'll be here in a couple days + it'll be cheaper than getting it from the Apple store. It shipped last friday + the estimated arrival date is NOVEMBER THE ELEVENTH. THE. ELEVENTH. As in THREE AND A HALF WEEKS. Where is this computer charger coming from? The Moon? Mars? 
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I got irrationally angry when I read the comments [when will I ever learn not to read the comments on articles] when T. Swift said sassing her about relationships was sexist. maybe because Princess Taylor has a point. Totally because Princess Taylor has a point. I'm not going into it, but you can read the comments on that article if you haven't been sufficiently irritated lately. 
I have been seriously jamming to some angsty music from high school. THEN I FOUND OUT BRAND NEW WAS PLAYING IN ATLANTA + THAT I HAD MISSED IT. So then I pouted + listened to some more. I mean. Come. On. Jesse Lacey? yes please. 
The title today has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with this post today. Ooops. I didn't even use a .gif from Friends... This also makes two back-to-back list + .gif posts... sorry not sorry? Maybe Friday will be better [tomorrow is a list too, whoooooops]


  1. I did a post a while back and wanted to fill it with gifs, but didn't know where to look, I love all yours!

  2. honestly, I just google what I'm thinking! like "sassy snape hair flip gif" haha