On Instagram Straight Flexin'

I bet you're doing a double take, but she only said she was going to blog every weekday in October!, I did say that, but today's prompt for #Blogtober14 was "favorite picture posted to Instagram" and lets be for real, when have I ever missed a chance to shamelessly plug my Instagram? So while I'm off galavanting at Oktoberfest in Helen, you can check out some of my favorite Instagrams, sorry I can't pick just one..
Helene in Between Blogtober

first of all -- anything Athens related // Athens has my heart. It's my real hometown. It's a place where all of my friends and some of my best memories are. It's a place where we make more memories all the time. You may leave it, but it never leaves you. 
two words: throwback. thursday. // or is throw back two words? my entire life has been an awkward stage, and I genuinely love reliving it. Generally with captions like "fashionista" or "yes, I have always been this adorable" 

wine // I somehow have my very own hashtag for wine pictures. [check it -- #lemmewineaboutit]. I don't know what it is about wine bottles/glasses/cheese that makes them so fun to take pictures of, but I'm pretty proud of them. Especially the ones where the wine company comments on them. I'm so cool.. 
That's about it, what are your favorite Instagram pictures? I'll leave you with the last time I saw Santa!!


  1. adorable as always! :) Please tell me you're going to the blogger meet up in Nov so I can see your face?

  2. it's all up in the air -- that's Georgia Florida weekend so if I have a ticket to the game I probably won't be back from Jax yet!! but we'll have to seeeee

  3. these are all so good!! i love it! and excited to see you linked up, even if it's a weekend :)

  4. they are all so cool, and I lovee your wine hashtag!!