Weekly Wishes!

Update update update! Today doesn't feel like such a bummer of a Monday, it's probably because I think I slept about 98% of yesterday. Naps really matter y'all. SO I'm linking up my weekly wishes, updates on last weeks wishes, and updates on my monthly goals!!
weekly wishes + august goals!
update on last week's wishes ::
be productive at work – success! Except that I was so productive last week I have substantially less to keep me occupied this week…
clean the apartment – sort of success – we kept the common area pretty clean because people came over, my closet + bathroom still need some love though.
start saving for my camera – ACCIDENTAL SUCCESS. Mother nature intervened + kept us from really partying hard this weekend – so I saved all of the money I would have spent at the bar!  
blog every day this week – ayooo another success – I even hit 10,000 page views!!!!!!!!!

august goals ::
pick three new blogs to sponsor for September  --  I have picked who I want to sponsor, now I just need to buy the space + create a new button! Plus, the meet-up last week was so great! So many new friends!  
put my agenda to work – obviously a work in progress – I did add everything already planned to it though [including when I’m holding the blog baton in September!!!!]
run/walk/exercise three days a week – two days is close right?
Blogger Babes
Atlanta Blogger Babes courtesy of Melissa!
this week’s wishes ::
streamline the blog layout + simplify it -- Jessica wrote in her blogger tips about creating a logo + streamlining your design as a blogger tip + my design is pretty ADD, like me, so it needs a little focus..
laundry laundry laundry -- part of the reason my closet needs so much love is because I have all of my laundry on the floor [sorted into loads, obviously.]
clean + wash my car -- poor Jude is covered in so many dead bugs you can't even tell it's a white car. whoooops.

What are your goals for this week? For inspiration, I will leave you with this video of the Manning brothers rapping about Fantasy Football, thanks Korked Bats...


  1. Two days is two more than I did, so yes, very close. :)

  2. I'm trying to streamline my design too. I have been up until 3am the last two nights trying to figure out CSS and am no where, but determined!