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I absolutely cannot deal with it being August. To help process the fact that football season is only 26 days away, I'm going to do Weekly Wishes + Monthly Goals which I haven't done in a minute! So I'm linking up with Melyssa at the Nectar Collective!
august goals
weekly wishes :: 

be productive at work -- I'm the only one in the office this week, it's freaking me out because I think every sound is someone here to like, kidnap me. I should be able to accomplish more though this week without any distractions, I have a lot of filing to do and schedules to rearrange. 

clean the apartment -- after I unpacked I kind of left things in piles everywhere, my closet is in disarray, I feel like every week "clean my room" has to be my goal. People who work, do fun stuff, and keep your room clean always -- what's the secret? 

start saving for my camera -- taking all of the advice I could possibly get, I've decided on the Canon Rebel t3i for my picture taking adventures, now I just need to stretch a couple of paychecks out to finance it. 

blog every day this week -- I usually hit at least three posts per week, but this week I'm challenging myself to hit five. Five posts worth reading too. I already have my Wednesdays covered with Humpday Confessions, I just need to figure out Tuesday, Thursday, + Friday this week!

august goals :: 

pick three new blogs to sponsor for September  -- You know, because I've decided to really put myself into making this a successful thing and also my first sponsorship with Sweet, Sassy Southern Belle has been great + I'm even going to the Atlanta Bloggers meetup on Wednesday! 

put my agenda to work -- I mentioned that I bought the cutest agenda from Ban.do  + I plan on organizing everything, writing down all of my responsibilities, and checking them all off the list one by one! 

run/walk/exercise three days a week -- I mentioned my runkeeper app sassing me the other day, but I did tell it that I wanted to run a sub 65 minute 10 K + they're really just helping me stick to my goals. I should be running at least three times a week because I have plenty of places to run and should have plenty of free time, now if only I could convince myself to be a morning person. 

summer bucket list update
so I've done pretty abysmal on this whole thing. Let's see what I've actually accomplished so far! 
  • make it to the damn beach -- any beach -- at least once before October.
  • float the Chattahoochee River. [oh we tried so hard to make it last weekend but it was overcast + a little too cold for that 55 degree water..]
  • successfully make a pair of cutoff shorts. yesss so I have some, I wear them all the time, I forgot to take pictures + document the process though. 
  • re-read the entire Harry Potter series + complete my summer reading challenge [I'm already through the first two! I'm halfway through Azkaban right now + I've planned a post about how much you can see both Harry, JK Rowling, + her audience grow through the progression of the books, plus one of my favorite HP Quotes...]
  • unplug for an entire weekend.  okay, this I kind of cheated on, because I did watch TV to fall asleep, and used my phone to take pictures, but I almost completely went tech free this past weekend + it was super refreshing. 
  • buy one of those ridiculous waterproof disposable cameras + take ridiculous underwater pictures. [turns out we have these in the house, now I just need an adventure to document!]
  • canoe or that stand up paddle board thing OR BOTH! probably both...
  • day trip to Little River Canyon
  • weekend trip to at least one new MLB ballpark + MiLB ballpark. [I'm planning to go to Miami in September for a Braves game, so that will be one new MLB park!]
  • master the mermaid hair. THE TRICK IS FRENCH BRAIDED PIGTAILS. how did that take me so long to figure out? 
  • try three new local breweries 
  • make it to at least four outdoor food + booze festivals.
  • blog about it all! [yeah I know that's cheating -- whatevs] obviously I set myself up for failure here. womp. 
Also, because football season is rapidly approaching, I'll end with this:


  1. I'm popping over from Weekly Wishes! YAY!

    I totally am with you about the people who are able to keep things clean all the time -- still trying to figure that one out! :)

    And I like your summer bucket list! I want to do a Harry Potter re-read but keep putting it off!!! But I love the stories so much -- way to go with that! :)

    -- Erika from America

  2. I can't believe it's August either! I have some 10k PRs to smash too! I live right by a lake that has those paddle boards to rent...but I just don't think I have enough balance/coordination for it haha. Either that or waves from the many speedboats would wipe me out every single time!

  3. I love the idea of a summer bucketlist I thin I'm going to do one as well :) Good luck with the weekly and August goals!

  4. I'm having a REAL hard time being productive. I mean why must I be? please send help. and i love the summer bucket list idea!