I Am A Sorority Woman

Over the weekend, a few friends and I went back to Athens to help with fall recruitment. We laughed, we cried, we acted like freshmen again, and I was reminded what it meant to me to be a sorority woman. Delta Gamma has relaunched their #IAmASororityWoman social media campaign to combat the negative stereotypes that come with Greek Life in general.
that's what I amma

I still say "I am a Delta Gamma" even though I graduated from college four years ago this December. [A fact I'm still not capable of coping with, what do you mean I won't be on the lawn for Bid Day later? Shouldn't I be in class right now?] I think one of my first lessons as a new member was how you will always be a Delta Gamma, after graduation you just transition from a collegian to an alumna. Delta Gamma has been a huge part of my life since before I even officially joined.
university of georgia delta gamma

Delta Gamma is more than bridesmaids at your weddings, always having someone to grab dinner or drinks with, and more than the chocolate chips in the cookies of life. To me, Delta Gamma has been friendly faces no matter where my career in baseball has taken me. It has been a network of strong women who share my beliefs. Delta Gamma provided me with lifelong friendships that I wouldn't trade for the world. Countless memories from sitting in the study room, delirious from studying for finals and laughing hysterically to YouTube videos about the end of ze world, to roommates who knew exactly the cocktail to make me forget about that crappy ex-boyfriend.
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I was never the girl with a lot of female friends, and I honestly will never be that girl. I will always get along better with guys and the girls who don't get along with other girls. I was never blessed with actual sisters, so I went away to college and chose my sisters. Delta Gamma brought me together with women I wouldn't have met otherwise, created a lifelong bond, and introduced me to mentors who have helped me to become the strong woman I am today.
delta gamma uga bid day

Yes, these women will be bridesmaids in my wedding because they will always be involved in the big parts of my life. Yes, I will always buy that anchor dress/necklace/set of earrings/pair of shoes/scarf/artwork because that anchor symbolizes hope, friendship, and sisterhood. Yes, you can accuse me of "paying for my friends" but I'll always consider it "investing in something bigger than myself." Yes, that sandcastle at 290 S. MilleDGe will always be home. Yes, I love to do arts and crafts even if it's not something cute for my little. Yes, I have more t-shirts with Greek letters on them than I know what to do with [and no, it's not too many]. Yes, Delta Gamma is what I amma. I am a sorority woman and I am proud to be a sorority woman.

What was your experience with Greek life in college, are you proud to be a sorority woman or a fraternity man?


  1. I think sororities are awesome! If we had them in South Africa I would have definitely joined!

  2. This is a great post!! I wish more sorority women had this perspective. I graduated 6 years ago, and I still say I am a Delta Zeta! It's something that is great and a big part of my life. I can't wait for recruitment this year. I am the recruitment advisor at Marshall.

  3. exactly! I always feel so SO defensive for Greek life when negative stuff comes out about it because no one ever writes viral articles about the positives of Greek life!