5 Reasons You Should Be an SEC Fan [if you're not already]

Hello game week! We are officially done with weekends that don't have college football in them until 2015. In honor of football being back, this whole week is football themed. First up, we have the top five reasons you should be an SEC fan, if you aren't already.
university of georgia football
  1. Gameday attire. I mean, come on. Girls in dresses, guys in bow ties. Dogs in bow ties. It doesn't get any better than that. 
    university of georgia
  2. It's NFL caliber football, but with more emotion. The University of Georgia's O-Line last year actually had better stats than some of those in the NFL. When it comes draft time, you can read about the Top 50 SEC players going into the draft. TOP 50. Plus, I'm willing to bet even as a non-SEC person, you can name at least 5 SEC players in the NFL. 
  3. Conference loyalty. When your team is playing a non-conference team, everyone still cheers for you over the "non-SEC" team. We believe that when the league does better, we all do better. 
  4. The tailgating. Show me someone who has been to an SEC tailgate + thinks they've seen better, I'll show you a liar liar pants on fire. That list of top 25 tailgates for 2014 there? TEN of those 25 are SEC schools. SEVEN of those ten SEC schools are in the top 10
  5. Because we have some of the best fans in the world, and like your momma always told you you are who you surround yourself with
Bonus reasons: our bars are awesome, we make great hype videos, and the Manning brothers. So you have four days [because the first SEC match up is Texas A&M + South Carolina on Thursday] to get ready for SEC football, this should help:


  1. Another reason why I love you.. I'm an Arkansas fan and I LOVE the SEC.... I can't wait for football..

  2. I'm even going to watch the South Carolina game, even though I always argue that only the JV team plays on Thursday...