Ten Things I Know to Be True

Tuesdays are good list days. Today I made a list of ten things I know to be true. One of those things is not whether or not I should have been using 10 instead of spelling it out, because is a blog MLA or AP or what?
  1. Home is where the pants aren't 
  2. Pokey drivers in the left lane are worse than sitting in traffic. Traffic, you can't do anything about. Pokey drivers you can see the open road in front of them. 
  3. No matter what you're looking for, if you can find it, it's in the least likely place you think to look, if you can't find it, you'll probably trip over it later in the week while looking for something else. 
  4. Breakfast for dinner is the best. Really, breakfast for any meal is the best. 
  5. If you have to pee, you will not only hit all of the red lights but there won't be any parking when you get to where you're going. 
  6. No matter how smart I think I am, I always need to Google the difference between affect/effect, into/in to, it's/its, just to make sure the Internet backs me up [because you can't put anything that's not true on the Internet]. 
  7. If you're having a good hair day + you look adorable, no one will see you. Don't believe the romantic comedies. You'll only run into people at the end of a long run or when you thought you could just run out + grab takeout + come home. 
  8. Matching socks are bad luck. Even Gubler agrees with me. 
  9. You're never too old for a Disney movie
  10. If you make a graphic for "10 things I know to be true" you'll forget what the 10th thing was + have to try to be clever. 
What things do you know to be true?


  1. You had me laughing from Number 1!!! Totally agree!

  2. Lol so true! Google's always my back-up if i'm unsure.


  3. #5 is my life. I always, always hit all the red lights when I have to use the bathroom AND when I need to be somewhere!