Some Very Necessary Things

I'm having a little bit of a terribly hard time believing that August is TOMORROW. Excuse me, but where is my summer going and why is it going so fast? Anyways, a dump truck threw a softball sized rock at my windshield + broke it, casually reminding me that I'm only paying for liability insurance. That means Thursday Things is reasons to smile themed!

First of all, on Tuesday Fox Sports shared a picture of a shirtless Kliff Kingsbury. Hello, yes please and thank you. It's not even really an article, and it's approrpiately titled "Ladies, Here's Kliff Kingsbury Shirtless" It's a really important development in College Football. I promise.

SPEAKING of College Football, I'm so glad all of the hype videos are happening. So glad. I get chills anytime I hear an old Larry Munson call. If this video doesn't get you pumped for football season, I don't know what will. Thirty days until we tee it up between the hedges!

Yesterday my mother talked me into asking people to like my blog on Facebook and the last time I checked I had 123 likes which blows my mind. I also now have 21 bloglovin' followers AND over 9,000 site views. Y'all are the + I really mean that.
So that's all I have for Thursday Things, Spotify's Throwback Thursday playlist is on point again this week. You should go check that out!

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  1. Lol! Hooray for all the FB likes! I have a FB page for my blog, but I don't have a personal one so my FB page likes are seriously lacking.