Oh Heeeeey Friday

Y'ALL. It's the last Friday in July. Where on earth did my summer go?! Today, for the oh hey Friday linkup, I bring you five completely unrelated things. How fun right?
first of all -- this adorable agenda. Erin at Two Thirds Hazel is hosting a giveaway for it, but I have absolutely zero self control so I entered the giveaway + then bought the agenda [also a koozie...] but come on how cute?! Check out ban.do for more adorable things. I'm sure I'll be buying at least five of those glitter bomb barrettes [that's another word I can't spell..] You should definitely check 'em out over at Ban.Do! I really wanted the "I Am Very Busy" agenda, but it was already sold out! 

second of all -- my baseball behind the scenes series is doing great + everyone is being so sweet about it -- so thank you thank you thank you! Check out yesterday's about why you should be going to MiLB games! 
third of all -- as far as my summer bucket list goes, I am slacking hardcore. I am already through to the Prisoner of Azkaban in my Harry Potter series re-read, so there is that. We're going to shoot the hooch NEXT WEEKEND, so I'll buy the waterproof disposable camera + that will be such fun. We did make cutoff shorts! Well, my mom did most of the legwork, but I didn't document the process. They're super cute though. I wear them constantly. Men's pants are so much more comfortable than women's. What is that about?
fourth of all -- this babe at Sweet, Sassy Southern Belle is setting the bar pretty high for blogs I sponsor in the future + she's even nominated me for a Liebster award! Which is too cool. I'm working on that post so I might have one scheduled for a Saturday -- who am I even? Anyways. 

LAST! But certainly not least. I have figured out a no heat, no muss, no fuss way to mermaid waves + I was already doing it without realizing it. French braided pigtails [or boxer braids if you must]. I discovered the "not your mother's beach spray" which is essentially coconut oil + saltwater. So to get the perfect mermaid waves, all I have to do is braid my hair either after a shower or just during the day, spray it with my "texturizing" spray + take them out of the braids gently. WHO KNEW? 
okay so you can't quite see the mermaid waves here, but HOW cute is Louie?


  1. Linking up from Oh Hey Friday! Have a great wknd!

  2. those planners are SO CUTE!!! i have been looking for a new one because i stupidly got on the july - june august thing and target always puts out their cute planners at new years and i don't want to waste mine! i'm all over those!

    1. I was SO BUMMED when they were sold out of "I am very busy" I had a Lilly one that went 17 months + so I have been planner-less since January!