Why You Should Be Attending Minor League Baseball Games [even if you don't like baseball]

It's a common cliche in Minor League Baseball to say something along the lines of 98% of fans leaving a Minor League game can't tell you if the team won or lost. Now, I've never seen the results of that particular exit survey, but I do think it has it's merit. Minor League Baseball has a completely different atmosphere than MLB. I could go on for days about why you should be hanging out at Minor League games, so this is going to be a multi-part series!

Tickets are dirt cheap. really when it comes to MiLB everything is super cost effective. If you catch the right day, most teams offer a "family four pack" which is four tickets, four food vouchers, and four drink vouchers. It's a steal. If you're in it for more than one game, most teams offer a "flex plan" now where you can pick your dates and get a discounted rate on tickets that way too. Check the team's facebook or twitter page, there's probably another ticket deal there.
visalia rawhide
photo by Ken Weisenberger
Two words: Thirsty. Thursday. Show me a MLB park that does $1 drinks, and I'm down. It's not just dollar beers, it's dollar cokes [soda, pop, whatever they call it in your neck of the woods.] It's a dollar. If you're not invested in dollar drinks, you're probably doing it wrong anyways.  Theme nights. "Minor League, Major Fun" might as well be the league's official mission statement, motto, and party line. It's something they teach you as an employee, get the fans here and show them a good time. Planning theme nights + putting them together was probably one of my favorite parts of the job. Like I've said before, everything about me is loud, so I love putting on a costume or dressing up for a theme party. It's even more fun when you're trying to turn all of your existing field games into games that fit in the theme. Don't believe me? Check out Ben Hill's chronicles of the Minor League Promotions!
midland rockhounds

You're right on top of the action. I get it, you don't want to sit in the nosebleeds at the big league parks. Even if you don't like baseball, it's still really cool to be so close to the game that you can just about touch the catcher. There are some MiLB parks where you're closer to the catcher than the pitcher is. Imagine that, you're almost part of the game. Plus, these guys are kids so they [almost] all want to sign autographs!

That's it for part one, what is your favorite part of a Minor League Baseball game? Do you have something I should include in the next list? 

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  1. I love minor league games. I love Ben Hill. He was just at the ballpark my husband works at. He is so funny!!