Total Social Favoritessss

I missed the bus on the first TWO #TotalSocial posts, but just barely caught this one! Mostly because I am doing my very first ever sponsorship over at Sweet, Sassy Southern Belle (okay it was a freebie from her twitter, but I totally want to take it seriously to decide if I should keep it up) and wanted to make sure I followed all of Sarah's tips from her Saturday Sessions.

Venus Trapped in Mars

favorite drink :: tequila sunrise. as long as the orange juice doesn't come from the soda gun.
favorite brunch place :: anywhere with bottomless mimosas, a good fried egg, and cheesy potatoes. 
favorite movie :: Garden State. 
favorite hairstyle :: braided pigtails, it's okay, I'm adorable. plus. mermaid waves.
favorite musician/group :: The Beatles.
favorite weekend activity :: tailgating in Athens. 
favorite color :: green. followed closely by red + black. 
favorite decade :: forever and always a child of the 90's. 
favorite food :: pizza. 
favorite instagram account to follow :: @thedailyballoon
favorite season :: baseball season, followed very closely by football season. 
favorite beer :: cold, free ones. I'll be your best friend if you give me a cold Drafty Kilt by Monday Night or a cold Sweetwater though..
favorite sound :: this is a tough one -- crowd noise at Turner Field or Sanford Stadium. gets me every. time. close second? a summer thunderstorm on a tin roof. 
a picture featuring multiple favorites :: pigtails, brunch, puppies...


  1. There is something about free that makes beer taste better. That's for sure!

  2. YAY! So excited to see a link back to my blog in your post. *does a little happy dance*

    I've got like a gazillion sponsorships that I'm doing right now (but I'm sticking to free or cheap ones too, so don't worry, you're not the only one). So far, it is helping get some traffic to my site, and hopefully that will turn them into return visitors. And hopefully it'll get you some visitors as well!