So we have games all weekend, meaning that today's not quite the start of a weekend, for me anyways. HOWEVER I didn't do Thursday Things this week, then I found this whole "Hey Friday" linkup so I'm using it as an excuse to share the five best things that happened this week. Duh.

First of all. THIS. The Braves went on a nice winning streak and promptly decided to go on a losing streak. Last night, we snapped the losing streak, and in the trend of "distraught Mets fans" I bring you this man,  feeling like we have probably all felt at some point.
Freddie Freeman
Thanks for this gem, Deadspin.
Second of all. There are few things I love more than when Bryce Harper does something stupid. Just makes me a really happy camper. So when I stumbled across THIS article about him trying to break his bat mid temper tantrum and failing, I had to watch it a hundred times.

THIRD we're so close to football season I can just taste it. We've booked our room for the Clemson vs UGA game and UGA Football shared this update this morning. Fifty days is LESS THAN TWO MONTHS! I obviously need a new gameday dress for the occasion.
from UGA Football's Facebook page
Along with the hotel room for Clemson, we also booked a room for recruitment. I haven't been back for recruitment since I graduated. [Fun fact, senior year I had my wisdom teeth taken out the first day of recruitment and I was back for recruitment by Philanthropy round.] So that means I'll be back in Athens TWICE in August. Doing hoodrat things with my friends.
go DG
FIVE! "Tommy La Stella girlfriend" is still the leading search term to find my blog. I'm gonna count that as a favorite. My post about how I didn't agree with the LinkedIn article got so much positive feedback -- so y'all are just all the I even planned an interview series with some of my favorite people in the sports industry -- so get excited to see more pictures like this one!
baseball behind the scenes
Photo originally by Ken Weisenberger! 
I'm linking up for Fan Friday AND Oh Hey Friday! I'd like to call that multitasking. 
Venus Trapped in Mars

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