Not Fast, Not Last

I've had "getting my Peachtree time under an hour" or whatever on every goal list I've ever made. It's on 30 by 30, it somehow missed my Summer Bucket List [I'm assuming that when I wrote that in June I was feeling not mentally prepared to train and get it that low... I'm lazy, I admit it. I have a new goal anyways -- this year my start wave was too late for donuts. Next year? I want to be in whatever start wave gets donuts. 
a little extra cheesey on that smile there...
I know I mentioned earlier that I ran my fastest ever 5K a couple of weeks ago, finishing in like 43 minutes --- which averaged out to a 14 minute mile [which was still pretty slow considering there are people who run a stupid 15 minute 5K  that make me want to punch things]. Well I ran the whole damn 10K in an hour and twenty five minutes. I even made the outstanding decision to go out Thursday night before the run, apparently I should have a couple of beers the night before every race! 

Now that I've successfully celebrated my 12 minute miles, I'm considering a training plan. Imagine how much faster I could get to 4th of July day drinking next year if I could run, say, a 10 minute mile! OR EVEN LESS! 

Peachtree Road Race Thank Yous: 

volunteers :: especially those of you handing out beer at 9 in the morning. also don't forget the ones telling me how few miles I had left until I could have a beer. those definitely helped. ALSO ALSO the kids and adorable old people who were three times as excited for everyone else to be running. y'all rock too.

pitbull, ellie goulding, lcd soundsystem, and everyone else on the pop sugar playlist :: thank you for writing your upbeat bumping songs and for existing when I totally spaced on making a special playlist for this race. y'all really got me to that twelve minute mile.

run keeper :: thanks for telling me how fast I was going! I have such a great idea for a workout app, but until I figure out how to make it, you're definitely my go to. Thanks for reminding me a couple days later that I need to run, remember how we ran on Friday? it's super

the force.. star wars.. or my jedi training :: because there was definitely some usage of the force to finish this race, they were not the droids you were looking for. plus how awesome is that tank top?

jen :: for my texas flag running shorts, the "not fast, not last" mantra, and being genuinely stoked when I texted her at 10 am SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS about my twelve minute mile. you rock girlfriend.

my poor uber driver :: for not talking to me like I was an idiot for not knowing how to get back to my buckhead apartment without running into Peacthree somewhere and for only silently judging me when I said "I'm so cute" after I realized I couldn't do it.


  1. Beer = Carb Loading. Add pizza and you're pretty much guaranteed a PR.

    I just added you on runkeeper. Let's be friends!

    1. yessss! now I'll get "Becca just completed a run, don't you want to do it too?" notifications!