June - Through The Lens

HOLY CANNOLI. Can you guys believe it's already July? Like, weren't we complaining about the cold yesterday? Oh, wait. We were. I was definitely complaining about the cold on THE FOURTH OF JULY. We ran the Peachtree in the POURING RAIN and it was 65 degrees. So if I have pneumonia later, everyone knows why. So, since I've been a little MIA lately, here's what June looked like through my instagram filters!
It was lots of reading in the sunshine, beers not being donuts! a couple of Braves games, lots of sunsets that look like paintings, and a post Jurassic Park family photo!
What kind of fun did you have in June? Are you doing Helene's #31PhotosInbetween for July?! I'm having fun with it already!! 

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