Hashtag Humpday Cold Day In July Edition

GUYS. TWO POSTS IN THREE DAYS. It's like I'm back! SO SINCE it is Wednesday, I'm obviously linking up for Hashtag Humpday! 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
so it rained a little bit at the Peachtree this year. A little bit is the understatement of the YEAR. There was a delay because of lightening and it didn't stop raining heavily until about 1 pm, you know when the streets were already clear. I sprinted the last half mile of the race, because I knew the finish line meant I could take my shoes (that weighed at least a million pounds) OFF. #dadmademewait #somethingabouttheparkbeingdirty #andthewholeyouhavetowearshoesatthebarthing.
SO I HAVE WASHED THOSE SNEAKERS TWICE. it's bad. they now smell like super gross covered up by Tide with Fabreeeeeeze. it's bad news bears. #smellyfeeeeetsmellyfeet #itsnotyourfaaaaauuuuulllllllltttt 
smelly caaat smelly caaaaaaaattt
hey so remember my announcement about an announcement? WELP I got a big girl, not baseball job, all on my own! I didn't want to jinx it before I finished training, and there's still a 90 day grace period, but so far it's awesome! I do have to reassess my schedule to get back in the blogging swing, so I really appreciate everyone who stuck it out this far. #youdarealmvp #seehowIburiedthelead 

I searched for at least 25 minutes trying to find a gif of  "you sir are a gentleman + a scholar!" but couldn't find one. #imaquitter
OH SO WE TRIED TO WATCH THE FIRST POST DEREK GREY'S ANATOMY EPISODE, and proceeded to ugly cry like the one before (I'm not really sorry if that's a spoiler, we're talking it's been on the DVR for months now.) #BUTWHYSHONDA #tearsofgreys #cryingmakesmyheadhurt
oh, me too lexi
So, what are you hashtagging about today? #hashtag #hashtaaaaag #hashtaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

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