Hashtag Humpday Bookworm Edition.

I have been so prepared all week, ALL WEEK I TELL YOU! Then yesterday, the wheels just came off. hey. none of that "Kasey, yesterday was only Tuesday. That's not very far into the week nonsense okay? Okay. SO ANYWAYS. Here's the reason: I found a new book series to love. HASHTAG OBSESSED.
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
I don't know about you, but I was that kid in line at the midnight release of Harry Potter books + I would be finished with them in a couple of days (you know because my parents would insist that I HAD to eat or sleep or something else nonessential.) Like, I was that girl walking around reading at the same time. #booknerd #notsorryaboutit #booksaremyfriendsokay
So I mentioned in my summer to do list that I was going to try to read books I hadn't read before. Kalyn mentioned she was reading a series, so when I went to lunch I was off to the library to see if they would let me pay my $2 from 2005 for whatever they didn't remember me owing it for. WELL I WAS WRONG. First, I went to a library that's apparently not part of the PINES library system, so they didn't even know what I was talking about AND THEY WANTED ME TO PAY $35 FOR A LIBRARY CARD. #butIcanBUYbooksforthat #thatsalotofdollars #atleast7beers
So, off I went to better spend less than $35 on books to read. I walked into Books A Million and the very first book I see is the first one of the Outlander series. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A SIGN. I buy the one with the original cover (not the one with the tv series cover. nope. #booksnob) and head back to work. #littledidIknow #butwaittheresmoretothisstory
SO AFTER WORK, it's been a helluva day, I decide to sit down by the pool and start reading. BOOM two hours pass, I only realize this because a huge storm is building and I realize I have to get the chickens back in their house and the dogs inside... SO I get the dogs inside and the storm has knocked out the TV, obviously a sign that I should be reading more, so I figure I'll just read until it's dinner time. THEN BOOM THREE HOURS PASS. Then I accidentally stayed up until midnight reading. Also I forgot to eat dinner. #howdoesthathappen #hooked #cantstopwontstop
soooooo that's why this post wasn't preplanned. today I've already had to ration myself to just a chapter with coffee. So I'm obviously in a hurry to get done with work so I can make dinner and accidentally read until midnight again..... How's your week going? Have you read the Outlander series yet? 

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