Life Uh, Finds A Way...

HEY REMEMBER ME? I know you do. I haven't been quite as MIA this week as I was last week. I can almost 100% promise that next week will be even better. I might even get back in the every day thing, but no promises. Anyways, obviously I had to join in on #HashtagHumpday because you know. duh. (Also, first confession. sometimes I can be really creepy on instagram. so when I went to get the html for #HashtagHumpday I definitely went back + stalked Laura's instagram.) 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
I just started watching Parks & Rec. You know, I was kind of bored with my HIMYM reruns + needed something to get me through until season two of Kimmy Schmidt. So I'm hooked. I don't know how life was before Netflix happened. Do you ever wonder? Like, what did we do before we could binge on tv shows? #thatisunreasonable #ithasntbeenaroundthatlong 
I haven't given an explanation to anyone for my celebration snap chats, being MIA, or talking about studying because I don't want to jinx it. In related news I sassed someone for saying that there's no possible way the zombie apocalypse could happen. so. #notsuperstitious #justalittlestitious #okayalotstitious 
Our new house involves parking in a driveway. This driveway is a lot easier to get out of if you back in to it. There are lots of obstacles to backing into the driveway. Including the landlord who likes to park at the very top of the driveway making it necessary to make about a sixteen point turn to get into it. #butimgettingreallygoodatparking #oratleastnothittingthehouse #yet........ 
I saw Jurassic World over the weekend. I loved it. I read on the internet that they were mad about the chick running around in high heels? I'm kind of confused. At what point while she was running around trying to not be eaten by the dinosaurs was she supposed to swing by and change shoes? honestly? should she have been running around barefoot? (oh, well I guess I probably would have opted for barefoot maybe...) anyways. it's good. you should see it. I want to see it again, let's go see it!  I did miss Ian Malcom. Let's be real. #hesababe #butsoischrisspratt #CANIHAVEAPETRAPTORORWHAT 
Okay. on THAT NOTE. I gotta go study some more. What is up with everyone? Can you focus post Ian Malcom gif? I didn't think so. HAPPY WEDNESDAY! 

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