Thursty Thursday Tequila Things!

FIRST OF ALL. Let's talk about that alliteration. You're welcome. Anyways. I don't have anything super fancy to share in the way of new drink recipes. I've been doing a lot of Corona + liiiime (i will be your maaain squeeze..) because -- no dishes duh. ANYWAYS. The internet has been all about tequila lately (or maybe the internet is targeting me....) and I had to share some of the best stuff! 

I was adding songs to my never ending country music playlist, I thought "oh, I should totally add all of the country songs about tequila!" because, you know, it's my brain doing the thinking. I discovered this Kenny Chesney jam + I have no idea how I haven't heard it before. One, I am pretty sure I bought all of his CDs in the early 00's, two, it's about tequila, and three, it's perfect. 

THIS WATERMELON SHOT GLASS. It even suggests you fill it with tequila. stay tuned, I'm totally trying this ASAP. 

You know how there are "suggested pins" on Pinterest now? Well mine are usually one of two things. Travel destinations or tequila drinks. I pin all sorts of other stuff, but Pinterest know's what's up man. Thanks to those pins, I've discovered this post about boozy popsicles. So we'll see how those compare to my deep fried tequila shots.
Okay, so who's ready for margaritas + queso now? Because I definitely am. Do you have any tequila recipes I need to try?! 
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