I Need Your Help!

GUYS. So I've mentioned that I want to do something fun with the giant white wall in my bedroom. I want to make a collage/media wall with my Europe pictures! Some shadow boxes, etc. I want to get a giant watercolor map of the world, then I need to pick three pictures to be the really big ones. I CANNOT decide. I think it's more of a I need to travel more situation, obviously. But for now, I need to get started! So, I've decided for sure this one: 
 So I need one from Amsterdam and one from London! I'm a little attached to the Tower Bridge one, but also love all of the ones I put here. Since I took fewer pictures in London + Amsterdam because we were too busy having the most fun, I am really attached to all of the ones I did take. SO. I need your help! Should I make like, a collage? Should I do a bunch of like 4 x 6 pictures? I am having a really hard time making this decision. 
Okay, but I'm a little sad looking through these trying to decide what to print + frame. Also, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should print them? Like should I do it on the internets or should I do like in person at target or..... ? The struggle is real guys. What do you think? What are your favorite ways to display your travel pictures? In related news, I've decided my next goal is Greece next summer. So, stay tuned for that one.... 

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