Manic Monday, or The Seven Stages of ABC Family Having a Harry Potter Weekend....

Okay. SO. I had all of these big plans for this week. I was going to unpack Saturday before the wedding, and knock out a bunch of blog stuff on Sunday so that I could tackle this week head on. THEN SOMETHING WONDERFUL HAPPENED. ABC Family decided to have a Harry Potter Weekend. ABC Family is quite literally all of us, because Harry Potter Weekends FOR EVERYONE!
First, you're like me, "oh it's a lovely weekend, I'm going to be so productive! I'll watch a little TV while I eat my breakfast + then it's GO TIME! Oh, what's that? Harry Potter is on? I'll just watch it while I'm eating breakfast!"
THEN "oh dear lord. it's already two o'clock? I have to be somewhere like twenty minutes ago!"
I've also found that when I'm late because of HP, it's not just me. Oh man, I was watching too! then you have one of those "DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS" moments..
There's always that one person who's all "girlfriend. haven't you seen all of those already? don't you have them on DVD?" and you try to explain why it's so different because they're on TV!  then you get the "well doesn't that mean you have to watch commercials?" some people just don't get it.
sass master potter
Then, on Sunday, you just have to do it all over again. Because it's the last ones. THE ONES THAT MAKE YOU CRY THE MOST. Because Dobby is a FREE ELF. Here to save his friend Harry Potter.
In addition to watching all day Sunday, you also end up staying up watching tv until midnight, because you have to see the end man. No matter how many times I watch, I cannot fall asleep during the Battle of Hogwarts. Nope.
Suffer from an emotional, sleep deprived, muggle born hangover the next day because you're all out of Harry Potter Movies until the next time you have a marathon thrust on you. because we all know ABC Family makes it okay to spend the entire weekend watching all the Harry Potter movies in a row.... 
What kind of trouble did you get into this weekend? Were you curled up on the couch watching Harry + friends save the day? I got you this...

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