And Now For Something Completely Different

I'm about to give you five completely unrelated updates about the world. Are you ready? READY? Okay. Here we go. 
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one // I don't subscribe to the "quantity over quality" school of thought in anything, especially something that is my brand. so if I ever miss a day, it's because I genuinely couldn't put together a quality post and I don't want to waste anyone's time (mine included) that being said -- I'm not sorry. So. there.

two // Sunday is the Q&A call for our #AllStarSlimdown !! So if you're thinking about it, if you've ever though about the 24 Day Challenge or anything AdvoCare related -- you should totes mcgotes join us!
three // I have a super fun, fancy pants wedding to go to this weekend. SO I did Rent the Runway (if you click that + haven't used RTR, we both get $20!) + I ordered this show stopper that runs way. too. small. I almost cried. I put it on in the bigger size than I usually wear + it wouldn't fit. like. a half size bigger would have been perfect. but oddly enough it didn't come in anything larger than a 6L. SO I called, their customer service kicks. ass. they over-nighted me a new dress + it. is. perfect. I can't wait to share pictures! 

four // Jude is all better! Thanks for all the concerns. Apparently it was leaking coolant. We don't know where from, but they put a new cap on the "reservoir" + put in new coolant for me. The AC is colder now. so that's cool!  (heh heh heh...)

five // SHORT WEEKS ARE ALWAYS LONGER THAN NORMAL WEEKS. Have you noticed that? Anyways, here are five of my favorite posts from this week!! Kati with some instagrams that make me think maybe Minnesota isn't part of the North Pole ;; this sauce that Melissa has, I don't know what it goes on -- but it made my mouth water ;; Jen's TUNESDAY playlist ;; I love a good "currently" post -- PLUS Lindsay's has a giveaway with it! ;; and you know I'm constantly putting on car concerts -- so check out what Anita's car concert jams are! 

Ta-da! That was fun! I promise once I get my dumb apartment out of boxes, I'll be more present. Something about all of your stuff being everywhere makes life more difficult than it should be. I'm linking up with Meagan for blogger love!! What are you up to this weekend?! Anything exciting? 

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