Hashtag Winesday

GUYS. It's a short week + it's be a hell of a short week. By that, I mean Tuesday was like all the bad Monday things slammed in to a day that should have been not so bad. (although if you ask Jen, Tuesday is bluesday...) ON THE PLUS SIDE. I get to #HashtagHumpday confess with the best of the best today! PLUS gifs always make the day better. SO. Join me + Laura + Lauren + let's hashtag this Schmidt!

Hashtag Humpday

IF you don't follow me on the twitter (which, why not? I'm hilarious.) or snapchat (it's kdsmoove there too, but I don't get snapchat really. I try, but I haven't figured it out yet.) then you might not know about the adventure my Tuesday was. First, I was super excited that it was thunderstorming -- because I love the rain. #raindance #puddlejumping #songsaboutrain
My workday resembled the day after you take some vacation time (seriously, does anyone ever come back from taking a day off + have  like, three seconds to deal with anything?) but that wasn't a surprise. I was heading to the new apartment to do some more unpacking, but rain + Atlanta drivers is never good. Forget that it rains ALL. THE. TIME. So, fifteen minutes into my drive, my car overheats. OBVIOUSLY nowhere close to anything. I pull over in the parking lot of a place that makes rocking chairs + headstones (logical combination) hoping the engine will cool off enough to where I can get home. #nosuccess #saddayforJude
So, first I try to fix it. Guys. It was adorable. Here I am, dressed all cute, trying to hold an umbrella and my hood open (because obviously the hydraulics in the hood are broken too.) in the pouring. rain. A few nice people at the gas station try to help, I read the manual, follow the instructions, and probably hurt my car a little more. (I'm really sorry Jude, I do love you.) I finally accept defeat (after the car does all of the things in the "CAUTION: if this happens, call for service" warning.) + use my AAA membership. Then I sit in my car + read a book until the nice tow truck men arrive. #booksfordays #alwaysprepared #likeaboyscout #butmoreadorable
really I'm just Rory
Then, I realize I'm not in a Criminal Minds episode, the tow truck men didn't murder me (aren't you relieved?!) But one of the sweet tow truck men did talk. the. entire. way. we're talking, twenty solid minutes. I was a little worried, he didn't take time to breathe. #slowdownkiller
So. The nice men drop me off at the car place, which is obviously closed, it's still raining, and I get out of the tow truck in my soaking wet skirt, top covered in engine grease, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why my shoe is dragging. OF COURSE I have broken my favorite flat sandals. OF COURSE. so here I am. hobbling around the car repair lot, and honestly I can't help but laugh. #itsnotevenmonday #itswinetime #youcantmakethisup
what shoes?!
So, my dad picks me up with wine, because tequila does't travel as well. Plus, supposedly you shouldn't drink tequila on a Tuesday. #ibegtodiffer HOWEVER poor little Jude (we've talked about my Beatles obsession, don't act surprised that all my cars have been named after Beatles songs.) is hanging out all byyyyy himself at the car fixing place. #heyjudeheyjudeHEYJUDEAYJUDEHEYJUDEHEY (oh what, like you don't sing to your car?)
naaaa na na nananana naaaaaaa hey jude
So. Now I really want to go watch Across the Universe. But, you know, I can't because all of my favorite movies have been moved into my new apartment. I know this because I unpacked that box. Sounds about right. HOW is your short week going? Woaaaaaaah we're halfway there! #winesday #humpDAY Are you linking up your confessions or WHAT dude?  

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