Straight Floatin' On A Boat On the Deep Blue Sea

Okay. For someone who gets super motion sick, I really love boats y'all. When we were down in Naples (Florida, not Italy sadly...) we went out on the Sweet Liberty Boat tour with some super knowledgeable folks. We learned things like bobcats can swim and there are like twenty zillion types of palm trees. I also took an unreasonable amount of pictures. So prepaaaaare for a photo dump.
I developed a little bit of an obsession with the sea foam. Like I took that picture above probably 65 times. (also, my photography strategy is "take a million pictures, odds are one will be decent) So on this boat tour we rode around on a catamaran for about an hour, even doing only sails when we got out into the ocean! It was too cool y'all. Then we stopped at this place called Keewaydin Island. There will probably be a second Keewaydin Island post. Here are some of my favorites though! 
The sky was so so crystal clear and bright blue that day that I could not get enough of it. I wanted to make sure that all of my pictures featured the sky somehow. I mean, how could you not? 
This dude wasn't even a little bit afraid of me. I was probably two feet away from him when he decided he wanted to fly off. So obviously we're friends, I named him Stan.
That's our boat! We had a fearless captain + crew. No one thought my Gilligan's Island jokes were funny. IT WAS A THREE HOUR CRUISE. THAT'S WHAT GILLIGAN THOUGHT! There were no issues, I didn't have to make a coconut phone, so I was kinda bummed about that one. 
Okay, so I wanted to end with this one. But then I forgot about my awesome Instagram from the boat. I can't skip this. OBVIOUSLY I had to pretend to be like Jack. KING OF THE WOOOORLD! Please disregard the fact that I could be related to a tomato. I swear I had on sunscreen. Lots of it. I ALWAYS do. Apparently we're closer to the sun down there....

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