Can We Have Class Outside?

I don't have an explanation for why this week seems so weird. I thought yesterday was Wednesday and that today is Thursday for about most of this morning until I realized we have to do payroll today. Anyways, since it is, in fact, Wednesday today, I have some confessions! (I think that might have been a few spliced commas there, sorry grammar friends.)

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
I have my credit cards all set up on automatic payments because I forget when they're due like on a monthly basis. #forgetfulfrancie This is set up through them, not even through my bank. So they know the payment is coming. Okay? So one of them has their system set up to where you can't pick the day it's autodrafted, it's the day the payment is due. It's a little dumb if you ask me. THEY ALSO call me about four hundred times on the day that it's due saying that I haven't made a payment. It makes me hashtag crazy pants.
I'm not sure I want to watch tonight's Nashville. Based on the previews, something bad is going to happen. I swear if ABC kills of Derek Shepherd + Deacon in the same month, I won't ever watch anything on ABC ever again. Maybe give up TV all together. I just can't take it, do you hear me ABC? #thatsanemptythreat #pleasedontthough
It is 80 degrees and sunny outside all the time now and all I want to do is lay by the pool and read books and drink margaritas. I feel like we all deserve some kind of award for being even remotely productive during the summer. Especially those of you in Florida, I don't know how you do it.
I Have A-D... something
Our apartment is somewhere between a disaster and really pathetic and empty. We've taken everything off the walls, but all of the nails are still there. It honestly looks like the Grinch swung by last weekend. It's bumming me out man. I'm ready to be in our new apartment, but this purgatory period is killin' me. #movinonup #toadeluxapartment #inabasement #notthesky
shut up shut up shut UPPPPPPPPP
People have been such JERKS on the road lately. I don't know if you're aware, but it is physically impossible for me to go any faster than the car in front of me, but you know, if you get really close to my bumper, it's totally going to change the laws of physics. #onefingersalute #roadrage #atlantadriversaretheworst

That's all folks. What do you have to confess today? It's 2015, why don't we have flying cars that drive themselves yet? 

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