More On That All Star Slimdown.....

Okay, so, I have a tendency to get really excited about things. I'm always so loud passionate about that excitement that I usually can wrap everyone else involved up in it. Sometimes when I get really excited about things, I don't always realize that not everyone is going to be that excited + able to make those decisions as fast as I did. THE MORAL OF THIS STORY is that Jen + I realized we didn't give everyone enough time to make up their minds about the #AllStarSlimdown we announced last week. So I have some updated, more realistic dates that way everyone who is thinking about it can totally join in on all the fun! 
We're pushing the start date back a week, so instead of June 1st, it will be the 8th, which means you have all this week to decide! Even though that's easy enough to remember, I'm pretty obsessed with this font I recently downloaded (it's KG Let Her Go in case you're in love with it too... really I love all of the Kimberly Gershwin fonts...) so I updated the little graphic handy dandy date thing. You're welcome. All of the other information can be found here!

Please feel free to email me, shoot me a facebook message, send a carrier pigeon, etc. with any questions you may have! If you're all ready to join us, you can build your bundle here! You can also click there if you just want to replenish your Spark supply. I recently tried the orange flavor and it makes my inner twelve year old self so happy because it tastes just. like. Tang. Remember Tang? Orange juice of the astronauts! What kind of trouble did y'all get into this weekend? DON'T FORGET! I'm cohosting #HashtagHumpday again tomorrow -- I wanna hear your #confessions!! 

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