Outfield Wall Rockstar Spotlight: Dream Big & Buy The Shoes!

GUYS. Do I have a surprise for you today or what? Emelia from Dream Big + Buy The Shoes is here!  She oh-so-kindly sat through my very first ever blogger-to-blogger interview + she has some great stuff to share! So let's get started!!

First of all, you're getting married!! Like, really soon! What are some of your favorite parts of planning a wedding and being engaged? 

SO soon, the time is flying by and I can't wait to for our big celebration! The best parts have been making all the details come to life for our big day; we have been busy creating, designing & planning extra special parts of our reception and putting our own little twist on things. You can also find out my personal perks of being engaged in this post
You come up with the BEST gift guides (you're responsible for me owning that "fries before guys" top I get all the compliments on!) where do you get your inspiration? What are your favorites so far? 

Awe thanks Kasey, that's awesome! The gift guides are a lot of fun to create and duh, FRIES always before anything. My inspiration comes from current trends with a unique spin. I love the zany, useful gifts and bold, bright pieces too. 
My favorite Gift Guide so far has been "The Gift Guide You Haven't Seen Yet" for obvious reasons. You need to check it out...one word, BACON. 

If it's my first time going to your blog, which post would you want me to start with? 

That's a hard one, I guess something that I'm passionate about above all the other things I write is self love, so start with "I'm Not Skinny" which is probably obvious from my abundance of recipe & cocktail posts, HA!

I love your "You Are Beautiful" linkup, it's so bright + encouraging! Where does the motivation for those prompts come from? Which one has been your favorite so far? (make sure to link up for the next round on May 28th!

Thank you, Lauren and I want to create a community of self-love and empowerment for other women. Us girls are so hard on ourselves, and it's important to remember that each and every one of us is BEAUTIFUL! My motivation comes from so many different things that have happened to me on a daily basis, and situation that I have experienced in my life thus far. I want everyone to realize that at the end of the day each one of us has something unique and special to offer the world, and that within itself is beautiful.
My favorite post so far may be the one I dedicated to being strong, and my mom who passed away after a long battle with cancer. Beauty isn't defined by looks, it's so much more than that.

I am still green with envy that you got to visit Britney in Vegas AND meet a blogger friend in real life! (how cool is that? making real life friends through blogging, it's one of my favorite parts.) What were the other highlights of that Vegas trip?

I wish I could go back right now, I LOVE Vegas! Some of my favorite parts of the trip were seeing some new things in Vegas that I never have before such as the flowers at The Wynn, eating at Secret Pizza in the Cosmopolitan, visiting the Cupcake ATM and seeing the city from the top of the Stratosphere. The ULTIMATE highlight was meeting Britney's assistant, Felicia...she was the bomb.

We all know it's really the booze that brings bloggers together, I know you have some great cocktail recipes (and super trendy Moscow mule mugs!) what is your go to, end of the day drink?

My go to would be an Absolut and Sprite with a lime or Skyy Citrus and Water with a lemon. I like to keep it simple after a hard day's work! My favorite drink recipe I have shared on the blog is my Spring Sangria, which is an easy go-to on these warm spring days.

What are your go-to's for battling writer's block? Any tips for new bloggers on the block?

When I come across writer's block I have to take a break from the computer and get outside! The world around me brings me inspiration from different posts and the most random things give me ideas. If you were to see the notepad on my phone you would laugh; sometimes I crack up while I'm in the weirdest places thinking of blog post ideas. That's where this post came from, during a trip to the grocery store. 
My biggest tip for new bloggers is to stay true to yourself, and don't write posts that you don't have your whole heart in. Some of my favorite posts are the ones I really started to find out what I'm good at with this whole blogging thing.

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