"Feels Like 11"

Here we are, already to Wednesday again! I'm sure for most of you it doesn't feel like you've made it too far, but for those of us that had to work on Monday, it's a well earned Wednesday. Except that it's freezing outside. I'm so over winter you guys. I would trade my birthday for it to be like, "low of 65" instead of "high of 38, 90% chance of rain"
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What is most concerning to me about today's forecast is the rain + essentially freezing temperatures. If you recall, the people of Atlanta are not so good with wintery weather. Moreover we're really bad with ice (but excuse me, who is good at driving on ice? we don't have tire chains here, I don't even know what those are for, but we don't have them) #pleasedontsnow #snowpocalypserepeat #devilsdandruff #wedontdowell

I have some issues with this season of Pretty Little Liars. First of all I get it, the plot is just like the first season. Also please stop reading if for some reason you haven't watched the first episode + are worried about spoilers. We know for sure that Cece is dead right? Like that was definitely her? Why is everyone acting so shady right off the bat? Like, come on guys. Also, how is it possible that they've gotten WORSE at lying? They've been doing it for like. ten years now. #getittogetherguys #soshady #butalsoinnocent #orarethey?
This post was going to be longer, but instead of writing last night I decided to start planning a trip to Machu Picchu because doesn't that sound like a great adventure? I'm thinking late this year, maybe around Thanksgiving or so? Has anyone been? Any advice? Also, has anyone used Contiki or some other travel site? Since EF cancelled my referral code, I'm not really so hot on using them again. #adventureisoutthere #mywordof2016 #wanderlust #thattravelbugisREALyall 
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So, everyone stay safe in that wintery mix today! And please tell me all the travel secrets for Latin America, thanks!

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