Confessions of an [Almost] Twenty. Seven. Year. Old

GUYS. guys. guys. guys. My birthday is Friday. I am turning old. OLD I TELL YOU. I'm really not prepared. Not even a tiny bit. Ask Michelle as she had to talk me down from the why isn't my life together meltdown of the day yesterday. I'm sure I will have a couple more in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. 

I spent most of my brainstorming time working on that picture, I'm pretty sure it's the cover of my first novel, what do you think? #likeawallflower #meetstheshopaholic #meetssomemegcabotbook #WHEREISMYHOGWARTSLETTER

I mentioned my not-a-grownup meltdown, so today I was thinking about the things that I feel like qualify me (aside from being that close to thirty. OH MY GOD I'M ONLY THREE YEARS AWAY FROM THIRTY. BRB.) They include: paying for my own Netflix subscription (even though I watch the same shows over and over), I have a 401k (I even know what a 401k is...), I reward myself for doing chores with wine. Yeah. That's about it. #thatsashortlist #weareallpretending #right? #whoisarealgrownupanyways
I'm just as happy going to the bar (provided it's not so slammed that you can't move.. and maybe there's food...) as I am sitting in the living room, drinking champagne, and having a Disney sing-a-long. Or watching a marathon on the History channel. Or reading. Probably reading let's be real. #OHORKARAOKE #yeahletsdokaraoke #ORTRIVIA #ORBOTH

I've been racking my brain for more confessions that are worthy of blogging about. I can't come up with them. Mostly all I can think about is going to sleep. It's 10:15 and I feel like we're up past my bed time. #grammastatus #nowimfreakingoutaboutbeingoldagain #sendhelp

Well. I'm doing my normal link up for a Wednesday! All the hashtags. ALL OF THEM. Do you have any old lady ridiculous panics? I've decided that everyone is just pretending to be a grownup, I'm just not that good at pretending yet....
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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