Tardy for the Party

Okay. So we all know I'm behind on the bandwagons a lot. I always have a TiVo delay (side note, it's just DVR, but I always call it TiVo. does TiVo even exist independently anymore? does that make me sound even older than 27?) when I live tweet things, and we just got hooked on the whole Making a Murderer bandwagon. 
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
Guys. I have a real addiction to crime drama. From X Files to Criminal Minds to this new addiction to Making a Murderer. I can never resist an episode of Law + Order any kind. So some of this stuff in Making a Murderer is blowing my mind. Like, for example, I can't even guess my own password for like my email accounts, but I'm supposed to believe this girl's ex-boyfriend guessed her username AND password for her cell phone account? #seemsquestionabletome #tooeasy #WAYtooeasy
In other news. I have discovered something fantastic. I'm bad at snapchat (don't believe me? @kdsmoove is my username, I'm really bad at adding people though because I never recognize usernames. because why don't I get people's real names? #confessionwithinaconfession) BUT GUYS SPENCER PRATT IS ON SNAPCHAT. It's incredible. I can't look away. #speidi #cantstopwontstop #thankmelater
I confess I wasn't Olivia's biggest fan, I just don't understand why she always has her mouth open, I usually stand up for the one the girls gang up on because usually in those situations that's me. I know they edit it to have a "villain." I don't want to stand up for her though, first the mouth thing, then the constantly "stealing" Ben even though she's already got her rose, but the nail in the coffin for me was the whole "this sounds like an episode of Teen Mom" GIRLFRIEND. You did not think that was okay to say. #notcoolrobertfrost #bachelorchitchat #blamethebooze 
I've had the same Rocks Box in my car waiting to be sent back for literally three months. It's bad news guys, like I keep paying the subscription, but not wearing the jewelry, you know why? I don't know how to send outgoing mail from my house. we've lived here since May. #imreallypretty #socute #butseriously #SOS
So on that note, I'm off. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON MAKING A MURDERER? Also I'm only to the 5th episode so I might be behind on the decisions. Are you unfollowing me on twitter for my incessant Bachelor tweets? 

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