Kasey at The Bar: Old Smoky Moonshine

So a couple weeks ago I turned old, I refuse to accept I was old, so I did what any responsible adult would do, I went moonshine tasting obviously. 
So as soon as we walked up to this place, we knew it was going to be good. There were boys playing banjos. Mind you I even walked past a Margaritaville to get to this place. First of all, I'm totally on board with the sass talking bar tenders in overalls. Totally completes the experience. SECOND OF ALL all the moonshine shots. 
So you walk in this place, get sassed by the bartender, then immediately start taking little half shots of all the moonshine. You don't have to take them all, but it sure is more fun that way... I have to say, I did skip the egg nog one, because I know my limits, and egg nog/milk based booze doesn't sit well with me. My favorite was definitely the apple pie one, with a really close second being the cherries that were soaked in white lightning. YUM.
So, if you're ever up in Pigeon Forge, I would definitely recommend stopping in at Ole Smoky and trying all the moonshines. We couldn't settle on one to buy though, so instead we went outside and listened to banjo music while rocking in the rocking chairs. We could not have had better weather if we had drawn it up ourselves. Are you a moonshine fan? Are there other moonshine distilleries I should go to? 

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