Okay Google, Who Is "Love Yourself" About?

So, if you follow me on the twitter you know I provide a really cynical, and apparently hilarious, commentary of The Bachelor every week. Obviously while participating in Elle Talk's chat. This week I skipped it for the Grammy's (obviously it was spoiled so I probably won't even watch this week's episode, honestly)
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo
I confess. I cried at all of the tributes. I could not get over how much of a badass Bonnie Raitt is, needed that sparkly black jacket she had on, and got the goosebumps the minute Gaga came on stage. ALSO. Demi Lovato killed it. #shealwayskillsit #sodoesgaga #badassbonnieraitt 
Also. Guys. GUYS. how awesome is T. Swift? I love her. I couldn't deal with just HOW pumped she was that Ed Sheeran won, over her, talk about the best kind of gal pal to have. I just dig how genuinely pumped she is for all of her friends. Also ALSO #suckitkanye #girlpower #shakeitoff #hatersgonnahate 
I had a little panic moment yesterday where I felt stuck then I decided I needed to do something, I went to move all of my furniture around, and then started designing my dream house via pinterest. So completely down the rabbit hole, see ya later. #sopinteresting #kaseysdreamhouse #wheniwinthelottery #orpayoffmystudentloans #whichevercomesfirst #probablythelottery 

With that being said, I'm off to pin ALL OF THE DIY HEADBOARDS! Because I think 27 means I've officially grown out of just a matress and box springs on a bed frame, or something. I just want it to look like I live here and not like it's my college dorm room or something. #grownupbutnot #istillwanttwinklelights #thatstrendyright #right?
What's new with you guys? Did you watch the Grammy's? Did anyone stay up for Pitbull's thing? WHY ARE THEY SO LONG?

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