Kasey at the Bar: Breaking News!

Today (as I'm so very responsibly writing this Wednesday night in advance) Wednesday, the 20th of January 2016, I have finally met a wine I don't like. Now, don't get me wrong. It's not bad per se. I just, don't fancy it... 

So first, for the quick rundown 
  • Who makes it? CA Winecraft?
  • Where did I find it? Murder Kroger! (I'm a grocery shopping creature of habit..)
  • What did I pay for it? $3.99 (I realized later that's because it was best by January of 2016. I've never seen wine with expiration dates..)
  • What type of wine? "red slightly sparkling"
Okay. So here's what I think: I bought this because I see it every time I walk down the wine aisle at Kroger. Monday, I went to Kroger on my way home for two things and somehow lost focus like I was in Target... So I saw this was on sale, so my normal thought process of well, it's only $4 so what's the worst that can happen? 

Don't ask me why I thought wine in a can would be just wine in a can. I was lured by the cartoon boxing man with the mustache. Plus what a clever name! Guys. It's a wine cooler. That was my mistake, here I was thinking "look it's with all the individual glasses of wine, it must be wine!" since the wine coolers are always in the cold section. 

So the moral of this story is that I'm not a high schooler trying to sneak a Mike's Hard Lemonade so I'm probably not the correct demographic for a wine cooler. You might like it though, it's somewhere between those "limearitas" and a 4 Loko (guys. remember 4Loko?) Have you tried the Mataro's Punch? I hope I didn't upset anyone who loves wine coolers -- it's just not my style.  

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