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SORRY I am so late to the party today. Logic told me that after we finished 30 Days At the Barre last night [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] I should instead catch up on Scandal, Nashville, and take a shower and get in bed before 10 pm. So that leaves me wildly unprepared for Write or Die today AND Around the Horn tomorrow!! (PS, don't forget to check out the rest of the Around The Horn Prompts here!!!)
Kasey At The Bat

Okay. Now that we're done with that. I love this week's prompt. I love jams. I think I won't have any pictures in this post. Just music. #sorrynotsorry.
First of all. This song is my life right now. All the feelings I have right now set to a beat you can totally sing along to.  Like. I don't talk about dating here (because let's be honest, there's nothing to talk about.) Also. How cute is this chick? I dig it. 

Speaking of loooove. This is one of my very favorite love songs, like ever. Do you ever feel like taking a long, hot bath, pouring a big glass of red wine, and listening to nothing but Ella Fitzgerald + Louis Armstrong. No? Just me? Okay...

If I had to describe college in just one song this would be it. Who would have thought that you could mix Miley Cyrus + Biggie Smalls + have the perfect outcome? #shitshowexpress

You know what else? I remember my first ever heartbreak like it was yesterday (it wasn't. but sometimes it feels that way, you know?) This song always made me feel better. It also makes me feel old to realize that I've been listening to Brand New for over ten years and I still love to turn the radio all the way up + scream these lyrics at the top of my lungs. It's really cathartic.

BUT MOST OF ALL SUMMER. There's something about country music that makes me want to grab a cooler, blow up that innertube, and hop on down to shoot the hooch. So here's the summer country music playlist I've been building for the past two days as if I didn't have actual work or blog things to take care of............. Is it missing anything? Because I need it to be at least like 5 hours long so that I can listen to it all the days. It definitely needs some older stuff. It will probably be different if you, for some reason, visit this post more than one time. #shortattentionspan #timeforcoldbeersnowplease 

THAT'S IT. that's all I got today. What are your favorite jams? Feel free to delve through that tag, I love to blog about jams.... Do you have anything I should add to this playlist or any of my other ones on Spotify?
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