5 Companies Who Should Sponsor Kasey At The Bat

I've seen Sarah do this post more than once + I think that I've said out loud more than once "you know, xyz should really sponsor my blog, because I love it + I bet I could convince my blogpeople to love it too."

TRAVEL COMPANIES // Hey guys. I love to travel. I just went to Europe + I have the bug bad. I took a bunch of pictures + they're pretty good. So you should send me on your trips, then I'll take quality pictures (that you can totally have the rights to in exchange for sending me on adventures) and be honest about how fantastic your company is and how it's totally worth the money to take your trip over company b. 

JOSE CUERVO (or a new tequila trying to steal my affections) // see here, here, and all of these here. (side note, I have a "tequila" tag + it goes for more than one page of posts. that in itself should let you know that I am a connoisseur + definitely worth hiring as a brand ambassador.)
HAIR PEOPLE// hi hello yes I have a lot of hair, I get a lot of "oh my god your hair is so long + thick + beautiful" which is all very true (super humble about my luscious locks, obviously.) but it is also a nightmare. 98% of the time it's in a sidebraid or a little wavy from being taken out of pigtails. I go through shampoo + conditioner like it's my job already, so if you have a product that you think is fantastic for hard to manage hair, I AM YOUR GIRL. 

RAIN BOOTS// I love jumping in mud puddles + I have to say, I look kind of adorable doing it. So, if you think your boots can live up to a grown person jumping in mud puddles, I'm your girl. Coincidentally, the rain boots I wore yesterday didn't quite cut it... 
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BASEBALL TEAMS// Because we had so many people show up for the first round of Around The Horn yesterday, and because my post on going to MiLB games, even if you don't like baseball, is one of my most read posts, and "baseball" is one of the biggest search terms leading people here. (shortly after "bats wearing sweaters" so, there's that...) So you should definitely give me tickets + tours of your ballparks so I can tell America why they should be coming to your games.
I think I would make an outstanding salesperson for all of you. So the line can start forming now. I'll be anxiously watching my inbox for your inquiries.Who wants to be first?? PS. HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS! WE MADE IT!

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