Friday Favorites!

Can we go back + just make yesterday Friday? The weather was soooooooooooooo pretty + it was warm + sure felt like Friday. Today it's all cold + gloomy. How did it even get so cold? Like. what's up Mother Nature? I thought we were good. 

OKAY BUT HAVE YOU HEARD KACEY MUSGRAVES NEW JAM? She's basically my spirit animal. Mad props to Jen for making me listen to it that first time. 

I've been playing along with Melyssa for #TNCLovesSpring on the Instagram + I'm really digging the excuses to post like, nothing but flower pictures. I'm particularly proud of this one: 
A photo posted by Kasey Decker (@kdsmoove) on
SPEAKING OF INSTAGRAM. I'm pretty sure St. Patrick's Day didn't even happen because Sarah didn't instagram it, (oh hey, and neither did I...) Caroline pointed out that we've fooled them , and Helene hit it on the head about why she follows you on Instagram. Now I will shamelessly embed another insta because I can. Sorry 'bout it.
The Around The Horn linkup is over (big sad face here. this is not a favorite) BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS everyone loved it + I had SO MUCH FUN -- so I'm brainstorming a new linkup with Allison! Any ideas? Anything you want to write about? Anyone wanna go to a Braves game this summer?! HEY BASEBALL SEASON IS LIKE NEXT WEEK GUYS.
Last but noooot least, five of my favorite posts from this week: 
  1. Jen will convince you that you, too, can run a marathon + subsequently the world
  2. Michelle tries out pins + tells you whether or not they really work (yeah this is from last week, so what? what are you going to do about it?)
  3. Kati Rose shares probably the best "welcome spring" playlist ever. Spoiler alert, it has Hanson on there. 
  4. Kerri has all sorts of fun new lipstick shades you should totally be excited about. 
  5. Kristin made what promises to be a fun + super easy spring grapefruit cocktail. I mean, if it has fruit in the word it's good for you right? 
That's it! That's all I have today! It's five things so I'm totally going to play over at Karli's place.  What are your favorite things this week??

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