An Alarmingly Large Number Of Things I Learned About Myself Without A Cellphone for 24 Hours

Hi my name is Kasey + that's a really ridiculous title, I don't regret it at all. So, a fun thing happened yesterday morning. I got up, read twitter, refreshed instagram, played a few rounds of trivia crack, then got dressed to go to work. When I got to my car to plug my phone in to play the same, like 17 songs I've listened to on my way to + from work every day for the past week, I couldn't get it to unlock. It was making that weird screen like TVs used to when the programming for the night ended. (hey am I making myself sound old by referencing a time before 24 solid hours of TV programming?) Anyways. I learned a lot about the world being low tech for over 24 hours. #superlowtechtuesday #superhighanxietytuesday
  1. That package I forgot to send on Friday was a lot harder to send today when I couldn't pull the email with the address in it up at the post office (ps, sorry Katie for being too scatterbrained to get it in the mail on Friday...)
  2. You're not going to ever receive more text messages than when you can't look at them even if you wanted to. Maybe I'm playing hard to get (spoiler, I'm not. it's driving me crazy.)
  3. It's going to be really hard to find the people you're meeting up with at the pub crawl that night. (hey maybe you shouldn't have gone on a Tuesday night pub crawl. OH ST. PATRICK'S DAY. that makes it more acceptable.)
  4. Hope you know your checking account balance before you give the pizza guy your credit card number, you know it's not payday until Friday. 
  5. You're not going to be able to get an Uber home without it. 
  7. I've never been more scared I was going to be in a car accident than I was without a phone. OR WORSE A FLAT TIRE. because at least if there's an accident, there's probably someone else who has a phone. you can use it to call any of the phone numbers you have memorized (which is a surprisingly large number) 
  8. Oh hey, did you know your watch battery is dead + that you're losing time? Now you do! 
  9. You don't own an alarm clock. 
  10. You have to listen to the radio. The radio is not as good as those 17 songs I'm currently obsessed with + totally ready to have in my spotify play queue. 
  11. HAHA! no traffic avoidance help from Waze. good luck getting anywhere fast today. 
  12. You won't be able to tell the person you're meeting that you're at the pub crawl, because you can't call her. 
  13. HEY FUN FACT -- you can't use Siri when you reboot your phone + still can't hit the seven to unlock it -- you also can't see who is texting/calling you because apparently you don't have access to your address book after a reboot either. 
  14. You can't tweet your appreciation to the volunteers at the pub crawl who said "you look too cute to be so sad!" and then texted your friend for you letting her know where you were. 
  15. You won't be able to jot down all the things you want to blog about said pub crawl + you'll have to remember them all. 
  16. You'll witness a fight outside the bar + won't be able to be the one getting it on tape or live tweeting the ridiculous "insults" ( 'you redneck peasant!' was easily my favorite. the only thing that would have been better would have been 'your mother was a hamster + your father smelt of elderberries!' )
  17. You won't be able to pick your jams driving home either. 
  18. Oh, you can't drop a pin on that odd side street you parked on to remember where your car is after dinner (because it was less a pub crawl, more a terrible dining experience.)
  19. When you're ready for bed, you won't be able to stream Netflix on your Chromecast to fall asleep to HIMYM reruns for the umpteenth time. 
  20. You won't be able to make a fake screenshot to be the picture for your blog post about things you learned about yourself. 
  21. You won't be able to document the bangin' hair day you were having. 
  22. You'll worry that your friends will think you didn't make it home safe when you can't text them "hey made it home safe!" or whatever. 
  23. Did I mention you don't have an alarm clock yet? because you don't. it's worth mentioning again. 
  24. You learn that the car radio goes out in the parking deck
  25. You can't call the apartment courtesy officer to file a noise complaint
  26. You have enough time to list twenty six things you learned because you couldn't play trivia crack.
So............... What's new with you guys? 
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