Around The Horn: Favorite Baseball Memory

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Now that we have all of that out of the way! I don't know if I could pick one favorite baseball memory for all of the money in the world. I have so many!

There are all of the wonderful friends I have made because of baseball. Both working in sports + genuinely enjoying the game.

There's that time they convinced me I could play the Dizzy Bat race + not die, the time I dressed up as Princess Leia even though it was 112 degrees outside (literally), the times I dressed up as the mascot...

Then there are the amazing games I've been to.. Huddy's 200th win (where Bryce Harper helped him also hit a home run...) Braves in the playoffs, even if Brooks Conrad let the ball go through his legs, twice, the time I went to a Braves game in San Francisco + saw them complete a sweep of the Giants, the time I went to an A's game in Texas, the times we went to D'Backs games...

That's probably my favorite part of "America's Pasttime" the pace of the game allows you to make memories at the game. People complain about how slow games are, I don't think they're paying attention. I love that I can go to a game with friends, have a few beers, some snacks, and catch up. It's not a constant back-and-forth, it's a leisurely pace.

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