Reflections On 30 Days At The Barre

Oh hellloooooooooo there blogland. GUESS what I found out last night? I officially won the Peachtree Road Race lottery. hollaaaa! So on July 4th this girl will be struggling through that July Georgia heat + hopefully not being handed a shot of vodka thinking it's water like last year (I almost died y'all. but at least I looked cute) So I figured now was as good a time as any to reflect on my whole "30 Days At The Barre" adventure.
Since I already told you what I learned in the first 15 days I'm sure I might repeat some things. You know what 30 days in a row at the gym taught me? I'm stronger than I think, all gym clothes can go in the same load of laundry, off days hurt more than you think they will, you might forget how to get home without going to the gym first, and it's a lot easier to power through those last 10 seconds of crunches by imagining how great you're going to look in a bikini. 

Guys. I'm 400% addicted to this. I literally go to the gym 5 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. THAT SATURDAY CLASS IS AT 8 AM  + it just might be my favorite one. I was out of town last weekend + I still woke up in time to go to that class. Have we ever covered how I am the polar opposite of a morning person? I need coffee to make coffee. (funny story. today I went to this place called Cool Beans in Marietta + definitely struggled with the self serve for a good five minutes before admitting defeat only to find out I had just used the very last of the coffee. I wanted to bless my own heart. BUT IF YOU'RE IN MAY-RETTA you gotta go to Cool Beans + maybe bring me some coffee while you're at it

Anyways. I'm hooked. I didn't take a before picture because I'm a really bad blogger + fitness fanatic + stuff. I took one midway through but I haven't taken an "after" yet. So we'll see if that ever happens or if I just realize I can post bikini pictures on instagram because I earned it. OH ALSO SPEAKING OF INSTAGRAM. If you hashtag "gun show" people think you're serious + you will be followed by a bunch of weight lifting enthusiasts on insta AND tweeter. I definitely got a good laugh out of that one. Anyone want to come to the gym with me? 

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