Around The Horn: Favorite Team + A World Series Prediction!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS THE VERY LAST WEEK OF AROUND THE HORN? CAN YOU? CAN YOU THOUGH? I'm a little sad to see it go. Maybe we can find a way to bring it back. MAYBE I'LL DO AN ALL STAR BREAK CHECK IN! Would y'all want to do that? We'll see.

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Kasey At The Bat
If you can't guess my favorite team, I don't think you've ever been here before. So I'll reintroduce myself. Hi! My name is Kasey + I am probably one of the biggest Braves fans you will ever meet. I will defend them to my last breath. You know, that kind of fan. I'm unapologetic about it. I will defend Tommy Hanson's pitching motion until I'm blue in the face. I will think "this is the year. 2015 is our year. We're going to win the Series this year" until we are mathematically eliminated. every year.

okay well maybe not this year. BUT ONLY BECAUSE if the Cubs don't win this year, Biff never makes his zillions, we don't get hover boards, + the Dolorean just doesn't quite get to 88 mph. (guys. I really just got quite nerdy for a minute. you're welcome.)
Anyways. I was born + raised a Braves fan. Don't worry. I have proof. Here I am as a toe-headed heathen at Atlanta Fulton County. From what I've been told, this is actually a picture of me at a World Series game. SO THERE.  Let's be real. You couldn't pull that outfit off like I am.
I've even been to see them in places that aren't Turner Field. ONE TIME I saw them at AT&T on Easter where they swept the Giants. Even if some Giants fans did corner me in the bathroom (that was super scary y'all. I thought I might be done for.
So there you have it! Braves fan till I die y'all. I will like you no matter who you root for though (well unless your a Nationals fan. Then we'll probably have some issues..........) So let's hear it for the boys! Who's your favorite team? Why? Also, barring the Cubbies beating the Fish + hover boards becoming a thing -- I predict the Braves winning in seven. (gotta keep it interesting.) Who do you think it's gonna be? I have a plan for a fun prize if someone actually correctly predicts the outcome. 

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