My fAvorite PLL Reactions + Theories from Tumblr

This post was totally going to be all WODW. BUT THEN WE WATCHED THE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS FINALE + I have some questions. This is your official spoiler alert. If you read past the next paragraph -- you can't get angry at me okay? You're taking matters into your own hands. 
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I'm telling you! This is your last warning. Don't yell at me. 
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First of all. FIVE YEARS? FIVE YEARS + no one mentions a long lost DiLaurentes kid?!? HELLOOOOO. Everyone is all upset about a twin, but I don't know. those kids didn't quite look like they were twins.. maybe really close in age? Second of all. Where's his money coming from? This whole thing seems expensive. THIRD OF ALL. WHAT is the significance of the last prom that Melissa took Ian to?! WHY did Mona get a gas mask from A? WHO THE FRONT DOOR IS CHARLES? ALSO REAL TALK: why are the police + PARENTS so bad at their jobs in this show? I mean, I'm glad the Hasting parents finally got on the right page BUT WHAT? ALSO no one stays dead in Rosweood. It's weird. Who is the medical examiner over there? Isn't anyone concerned there is a serial killer? WHY haven't they called the BAU?

 So, obviously my next move was to head to tumblr to find out the answers. 

There's also an article on BuzzFeed that backs this up...

In conclusion. Everyone is soooo pissed at I. Marlene King (hey ps, do you ever feel like you're calling yourself Marlene King when you say/see/read her name? just me? okay...) They have us right where they want us. We can't quit this show. Literally, we didn't delete that episode after watching it, I maybe plan on going back to watch the episodes they've hinted at telling us more about this new A. PLUS THEY TOLD US WHO A IS + WE STILL DON'T KNOW. What are your "A" theories? I'm a little obsessed + not even a little sorry about it.....
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