Thursday Things

I'm thinking that this Thursday Things I'm Loving will just have to become a weekly thing -- because that will definitely help me get closer to posting every weekday! So here are the things I'm loving most this beautiful Thursday afternoon!

spotify's new playlist options :: okay -- I love Songza + it has definitely gotten me through some tough workdays -- but spotify just released this new update where they also have playlists based on moods, etc. Since I already pay for Spotify premium (which is absolutely worth the $9.99 each month) this is awesome. Today at work I'm jamming out to "throw back thursday" which they released this week + apparently will update every week. I'm totally digging it -- you can find the playlists in the "browse" tab.
this waterproof bluetooth speaker :: I ordered this because Whitney posted about having ordered one + I then paid the [outrageous] charge for shipping [that took so long I had forgotten that I ordered it to begin with] but now that it's here I can't live without it. I use it in the shower + then I pop it off the shower + take it outside to the pool. It has a like never ending battery life [I've only charged it once since it's initial charge] it's really clear + loud. PLUS IT'S WATER PROOF. I bought it with a livingsocial deal -- but you can find it here.
friends with better lives :: I absolutely loved HIMYM + when they just shot the entire series in the foot with the series finale [no. I'm not over it yet.] I was very hesitant to watch the new sitcom CBS was trying to use to replace it. Then I remembered I love watching James Van Der Beek basically play himself + that I think Zoe Lister-Jones is one of the most hilarious human beings I've ever seen in a sitcom [when she was on Whitney -- is that show still on?] so I gave it a chance + I feel like you should too. I feel like it's a little more raunchy than HIMYM was -- which is probably why CBS pushed it back to 9 pm. 
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that obnoxious 'talk dirty to me' song :: TWO CHAINNZZZZ okay -- I hate the words to this song.. but I cannot get over the beat. Sorry I'm not sorry.
What are you loving this week? 

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  1. Hell yes! Ain't no shame in having themed posts to help you blog throughout the week! That's why I have Wednesdays to link up to the Humpday Confessions and Fridays for my #icant + #iknowican posts.

    And I think I need to get a hold of one of those speakers! You know what I use for my phone right now? An XL cup from McDonalds. No lie.

    Still trying to watch all of the HIMYM on Netflix. I don't really watch TV so I binge watch shows via Netflix.

    And I'm totally addicted to the beat of that song too. It's just a feel-good kinda beat!

    ♥ Duckie.