32 Things That Make Me Happy

Venus Trapped in Mars

I was having a serious case of writer's block -- so I'm beyond pumped that Sarah + Erin put this linkup together!
  1. Adventures.
  2. Jams
  4. Freddie Freeman Hugs

  5. driving with the windows down, sunroof open, + radio turned all the way up
  6. puppies [ I think it's safe to assume puppies are always included ]
  7. thunderstorms
  8. brunch. any excuse to drink champagne for breakfast really.
  9. baseball. any + all baseball.
  10. the rest of the sports [ I feel like I'd be cheating if I listed all of them individually ]
  11. MARGARITAS + chips + queso. 
  12. cheesey dad jokes
  13. arts + crafts
  14. WINE
  15. beer tastings/breweries
  16. hot, giant soft pretzels with nacho cheese
  17. any large body of water
  18. clean sheets + towels fresh from the dryer
  19. anytime the Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, or Gators lose.
  20. books [ added bonus :: a good book, margarita, next to a large body of water ]
  21. my sweet sweet friends
  22. sad Urban Meyer
  23. outdoor day drinking
  24. cowboy boots
  25. outrageous youtube videos

  26. not acting my age
  27. anything with an anchor on it
  28. family fun times
  29. fresh fruit of any kind
  30. while we're on it -- fresh flowers. daisies especially. 
  31. lightning bugs
  32. Braves wins.
Happy Thirsty Thursday y'all -- the Braves are off today -- but I hope you're keepin' your Chop arm strong..

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