Is That REALLY the Example You Want To Set?

I've never been the type of girl who felt like I needed to put a full face of makeup on to go to the gym or the grocery store or class or really anywhere that wasn't a special occasion or fancy. I also have never had qualms about going out in public in my workout clothes. Generally I keep my tennis shoes on when I head out in public too -- you know to complete the hey I worked out/am going to workout after this theme alive.

So -- yesterday -- we stopped by Chick Fil A for lunch + I'm wearing my workout clothes but with flip flops. Mind you -- there are easily 15 other women in this particular location wearing their gym clothes as well -- but I was the only one without a toddler. As I'm standing at the register ordering my food -- a grown man points me out to his children + when I go to sit down with our food I hear him say "girls like that just don't have a reason to get dressed in the morning" Um. Excuse me? Apparently in order to wear your workout clothes in public you have to be chasing a toddler around? I'm not really sure what else could have applied for "girls like me"

My biggest issue was that this was a grown man with kids (hey -- why weren't they at school? How is their uniform of jeans + t-shirts any more 'dressed' than me?) felt the need to exclaim -- rather loudly -- that I had nothing to get dressed for. I've never had a problem with what others think about me -- but the fact that he felt the need to point me out + say I had nothing to get dressed for genuinely ticked me off. What if yesterday was my one day off to go for a run? What if I had run to meet my dad there + swapped to flip flops in the parking lot? What if I was a college student on Spring Break + just woke up to get a chicken sandwich? What if I was a yoga instructor + those were my work clothes?

The reason I was in workout clothes -- as if I needed to justify my decision -- was that I had planned to go on a run after we had lunch + I didn't see the reason in getting two sets of clothes dirty that day. My office is in the backyard of my house + I really don't interact with any people face to face -- so it doesn't matter what I wear. That's the end of that rant.

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