Summer Lovin'

The Daily Tay

I'm a lot cuter + happier with a good tan. Vitamin D y'all -- works wonders. I love to be outside -- my job is outside in the summer + so I end up with a super cute polo + khaki shorts tan line.
Sundresses on sundresses on sundresses. I own more sundresses than anything except maybe bikinis + they're a lot harder [read :: not impossible] to wear in the winter time. Plus no one looks cute in winter clothes + everyone looks cute in summer clothes!
Concerts concerts concerts. Last summer was the Summer of Concerts -- 2014 is Summer of Concerts II -- Dave Matthews, 420 Fest, Luke Bryan [for the millionth time..] + more. I cannot wait. 
SO many baseball games -- the ones I'll be working + the ones I'll be attending. Baseball is my favorite season + it's definitely a summertime pastime. 

Not pictured -- but also a reason I'm ready for summer :: bonfires, bikinis, pool parties, longer days, lightning bugs, beach trips, books to read by the pool, margaritas, floating coolers, lake times, tubing, thunderstorms, flowers, sleeping with the windows open, crickets, fishing, cheap sunglasses, flip flops, bare feet, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, day drinking, it's socially acceptable to wear swimsuits anywhere, I have a new waterproof speaker for pool times, my hair looks better in the summer, tank tops, zero need for sweaters, did I mention tans? I think they should be mentioned again... I am too excited. Tomorrow is the first day of spring + then it's so so so close to summer!!

Linking up with Helene + Taylor because summer -- obviously.


  1. i mean, you relaly can't go wrong. i swear i look 100 times better in the summer. and concerts make me so happy.

    1. it's the tan -- I swear. plus tan people smile more + smiles make everyone look prettier!