Jams-a Make Her Dance

Today is a good jam day. I've decided since I don't listen to the radio -- unless it's spotify radio -- that I should share my ridiculous workout playlists. As I mentioned before -- I kill songs -- so not only is it my workout playlist -- it's my singing at the top of my lungs in the shower, car, + pool playlist too. 

I don't know how people workout with their songs in a specific order -- I'd feel like I was trying to get to that last song so I could be done + probably would end up hitting fast forward a couple of times + still justifying that I had worked out. My life is always on shuffle. So in no particular order -- here are my jams for March:

Doo-Wah-Doo :: Kate Nash -- this is such a lady jam. Kate is just tellin' it like it is about this hotter than shit girl -- plus she calls her shady. Kate Nash is also absolutely adorable herself + I love all of her jams.
Dark Horse :: Katy Perry -- I'm late to the party on most hit songs that the radio has already destroyed -- so I still love this one.. bonus :: this chick's workout routine
My Friends Over You :: New Found Glory -- the ultimate f-you song man. Plus it's super fast + makes you run faster! Also I really just love this song + I'm not going to make any excuses for you.
Talk To Me -- Dance With Me :: Hot Hot Heat -- if this jam doesn't make you wanna move -- you might wanna see a doctor. The cowbell opener really seals the deal.
Boyfriend :: RaeLynn -- this girl is just too cute + how could you not love her?
Ants Marching :: Dave Matthews Band -- because first of all -- I don't know if I can make a playlist without Dave on it + second of all -- this is a good outside workout jam. 

You can find the rest of my jams here -- on Spotify obviously:
Linking up with Sarah + Whitney because I'm a fan of my jams that make her dance.


  1. Oh. My. GOSH. You have Kate Nash on this playlist!!!!! I feel in love with that girl back in COLLEGE a billion years ago!!!! She is THE BEST!!

    1. oh man -- I absolutely ADORE her. I heard Foundations sometime in college too + haven't been able to get enough of her since!